Fenner has a dedicated technology centre with modern research and development facilities.

The areas where capabilities have been established in this centre, are Material specification, Process design and Product evaluation. Simulation, FEA and such techniques are employed for effective and optimal designs.

Raw materials covered are Elastomers, Fabrics, Flocks and Rubber chemicals. Elastomers include NR , SBR , CR , EPDM , NBR , ACM , FMQ , FKM and HNBR. Fabrics and Flocks include Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, Kevlar, Glass etc.,. Process design include Mixing, Preforming, calendering, building, cutting, curing, grinding and finishing. Product evaluations cover, all customer required performances like Life estimation, breaking strength, specific energy consumption to name a few.

The variety of products include Wrapped belts, Raw-Edge-Cogged belts, Poly V belts, Timing Belts, Oil Seals and a whole lot of Moulded rubber products like Engine mounts, Flexi Couplings, gaskets, Hoses etc.,. for applications in Industrial and automotive mechanical power transmission.

Fenner constantly works with all OEMs for both new product development and improving the current ones. They extend their support to drive and sealing designs when required.

Test rigs are operated under controlled environments of temperatures, loads and constraints which fully simulate their actual applications. These support both new product development as well as testing the finished products from manufacturing lines.

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