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Fenner’s strength lies in our people, who are our prime movers and drive our business.

We strongly believe that,
  •     Our people are our competitive advantage.
  •     Continuous learning & development is important to every employee, and our success depends on developing employee capabilities, competencies and nurturing & preparing them for the future challenges
  •     Providing freedom to experiment, and leadership that motivates will bring out the best from people.
Fenner fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration and meritocracy.
  • "To inspire and develop the human capital to promote dynamic, collaborative environment towards a great place to work"
Careers @ Fenner
At Fenner, we provide an environment wherein
  • Training and Self development is focussed on Individual Competency
  • The most advanced HR agenda are practiced.
  • Transparency and upward communication is encouraged.
  • Future Leadership development is emphasized and practised.
  • Performance Appraisal is fair and transparent and guarantees appropriate recognitions.
  • Growth and promotion are to be expected,
  • Commitment to Excellence and High ethical standards are emphasized.
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